About Mariana Serfontein continues

Love at first sight.

Ten years ago I bought a blue and white plate made by Mulberry Potters of Smithfield. I loved it so much I asked the store owner for the potter's telephone number. I contacted Julius Bramley for advice on how and where to start doing pottery, and so my hobby, and now full-time work, as potter began.

I had no serious training, I attended classes where and when I could. I was ridiculed for wanting to make "imperfect" things, offered the flops of the class, corrected ad nauseum and in the process, learnt the basics of what I needed to know.

What I do is technically very simple, and what my supporters like is mainly my style. I try to keep my work as naïve and uncomplicated as possible. As you become more proficient at what you do, your work can become "sanitized" and lose its child like appeal. I am very conscious of this and will often look at children's art work just to remind myself of the simplicity I strive to maintain. The fact that I work totally on my own, only having someone in to clean the pottery one morning a week, enables me to make absolutely individual pieces. Nothing matches, but because I prefer certain colours and the style remains similar, I like to think that everything I make can be mixed and matched.

I love what I do, and I cannot wait to get up and get going in the mornings.

Mine is truly a dream come true and proof that magic does happen.

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